Pak, Afghan visa applicants to face extreme selection: Trump

| Updated: Jan 28, 2017 04:53 IST

Washington (D.C.), Jan. 27 (ANI): US President Donald Trump has indicated that both Pakistan and Afghanistan will be among the countries whose citizens will have to go through an extreme selection process before entering the United States. In an interview aired on Wednesday, Trump said, his administration is going to have extreme vetting in all cases and will not allow people to US, if there is even a little chance of some problem. In reply to a question about Muslim ban, he said, it is not the Muslim ban, but these countries have tremendous terror and its people are going to come in and cause tremendous problems for US. Trump said FBI is now investigating more people than ever before having to do with terror. Referring to the involvement of a Pakistani couple in the 2015 terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, Trump said that he does not want terror in US. Trump said he would also create safe zones in Syria for refugees to live in, as he would not allow them to enter the US.(ANI)