Pope visits Auschwitz Nazi concentration camp in Poland

| Updated: Jul 29, 2016 21:29 IST

New York, July 29 (ANI): On the second day of his maiden five-day tour to Poland, Pope Francis visited the infamous German Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz to pay tribute to more than one million people, mostly Jews, who lost their lives during World War II. The Pope arrived on Friday morning, and chose to sit alone for some time by a tree, solemnly reflecting in the deathcamp, where horrific wartime torture and killings were carried out during the occupation of Hitler's Nazi Germany, reports the CNN. He then visited various cells where prisoners were held. He will also visit Birkenau, a nearby camp, where memorial plaques for Christian, Polish and Soviet victims are on display. This visit to Poland marks his first trip to the predominantly Catholic Eastern European country and comes as he warns that the world is at war and that a World War III could erupt if divisions are not addressed. Yesterday, he delivered an outdoor Mass before a huge gathering of young Catholics in Krakow on the 1,050th anniversary of Poland's "baptism" as a Catholic country. (ANI)