Revisit F-16 deal to strengthen Pak-US ties, says Pak envoy

| Updated: Jan 15, 2017 18:53 IST

Washington [United States], Jan.15 (ANI): Pakistan's Ambassador to the United States, Jalil Abbas Jilani, has suggested that the incoming Donald Trump administration should seriously consider revisiting the sale of F-16 fighter jets to Pakistan and also resolve issues with regard to the Coalition Support Fund (CSF). "Cooperation between Pakistan and the US in the fight against terrorism will be further strengthened by revisiting the sale of F-16s and CSF issues," Jilani told American print and electronic media correspondents at a reception for them at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington. He said Pakistan looks forward to closely working with the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump. In April last year, US lawmakers blocked a move by the Obama administration to subsidise Pakistan's purchase of eight F-16 fighter jets after accusing Islamabad of 'not doing enough' to crack down on militants. The Express Tribune quoted Jilani, as saying Pakistan and the United States had a historic relationship which spanned over seven decades. He said the interests of both countries converged on several issues and that this would help strengthen their bilateral ties in the future. (ANI)