Sikh shot in U.S.: 'Shocked' Community leader lauds probe

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Kent [United States], March. 5 (ANI): Satwinder Kaur, a member of sikh "soch" and prominent community leader, has expressed shocked over the recent incident in Kent where a 39-year-old Sikh man was shot by an unknown assailant. "It was disheartening when I saw this news in the morning, I was shocked. It does not happen in our community; we did not expect it to happen here. I don't know it happens in Kansas or other places but it does not happen in Washington state and it does not happen in Kent," she said. The Sikh man was left injured after he was shot at Kent by an unknown man wearing a mask. She, however, expressed her satisfaction on the response from the Kent Police chief. "I was very happy with his response," she said. She added that the chief was able to answer the questions put by the media. Expressing her delight with the ongoing investigation, Kaur said that she was ready to see what comes out it. "We had a shooting here at Kent this morning against a Sikh person, a hate crime, FBI and Kent police is investigating it right now," she said. "We have got the support from our community leaders, public officials , Kent police departments which makes us feel better about the situation and we plan on to host events and rallies and better educate them who we are and in just with solidarity with everybody inclusiveness and diversity," Kaur added. She asked everyone to be vigilant and report if they witness something suspicious. (ANI)