Trump administration revokes transgender students' bathroom protections

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

London [UK], Feb. 23(ANI): U.S. President Donald Trump's government revoked landmark guidance issued to public schools, in defense of transgender student rights, which would permanently scrap transgender student protections in schools. According to the Guardian, former president Barack Obama instructed public schools, in May 2016, to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms matching their chosen gender identity. Trump administration has signaled that it does not necessarily interpret current federal civil rights protections as prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity. "I've made this clear, and the president's made it clear during the campaign, that he's a firm believer in states' rights and there are certain issues like this that are not best dealt with at the federal level," the Guardian quoted White House press secretary Sean Spicer as saying. Several federal appeals courts have already ruled that discriminating against transgender people, based on their gender identity, is a violation of federal law.(ANI)