Trump criticises Obama's decision to release Guantanamo Bay prisoners in early morning tweet

| Updated: Mar 08, 2017 00:19 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar. 7 (ANI): U.S. President Donald Trump early Tuesday took to twitter to criticise previous administration's decision to reduce the population at the. detention facility of Guantanamo Bay, which houses terrorism suspects, by repatriating detainees to their homelands and third countries. "122 vicious prisoners, released by the Obama Administration from Gitmo, have returned to the battlefield. Just another terrible decision!" tweeted Trump. Some reports have suggested that many released prisoners have committed new acts of terrorism. In latest developments, a U.S. air strike killed a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, Yasir al-Silmi, who was held at the military prison, from 2002 to 2009. the March 2 strike also killed Usayd al-Adnani, a top operative for al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP), in Yemen's Abyan Governorate. Earlier in February, a British suicide bomber, Jamal al-Harith, who blew himself up in Iraq was identified as a former Guantanamo Bay detainee. He was said to have detonated a bomb in last month at an army base near Mosul. In another tweet, the new Healthcare Bill topped the President's agenda as he tweeted, "Our wonderful new Healthcare Bill is now out for review and negotiation. ObamaCare is a complete and total disaster - is imploding fast!." Yesterday, the Republicans unveiled a bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a plan that shrinks the government's role in healthcare. Called the American Health Care Act, the bill would eliminate the individual mandate, which required Americans to have health insurance or pay a fine; cut the number of people insured under Medicaid; and allow insurance companies to charge the elderly up to five times more than the young, according to the Guardian. "The American Health Care Act is a plan to drive down costs, encourage competition, and give every American access to quality, affordable health insurance. It protects young adults, patients with pre-existing conditions, and provides a stable transition so that no one has the rug pulled out from under them," said House speaker Paul Ryan. "Working together, this unified Republican government will deliver relief and peace of mind to the millions of Americans suffering under Obamacare. This will proceed through a transparent process of regular order in full view of the public." Patient advocacy groups were quick to attack the plan, pointing out that it is a far cry from plans promised by Trump. (ANI)