Trump-Modi should focus on sorting trade, investment differences: Tanvi Madan

| Updated: Jun 26, 2017 07:57 IST

Washington D.C (USA), June 26 (ANI): Director, Indian Projects at Brookings Institution in Washington D.C. Tanvi Madan has stated that the priority for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Donald Trump should be to build personal chemistry, increase the cooperation on the line of defence and security front and to sort out trade and investment differences. Madan while speaking to ANI here said, "The first thing would be for the both sides is to establish personal relationship, because a lot flows from that. Second they would like to see what India might be able to do more for example in Afghanistan. Not troops on the ground, I think they have a team which understands that it is not possible, perhaps more equipments more resources, more capacity buildings or training efforts." "I think they'd also like to see perhaps the establishment of a dialogue mechanism to sort out problems on the trade and investment side and on the India's side the immigration. So, may be create a kind of economic dialogue that then can solve some of these problems and I think they would like to see few deals come down the line and we might see one drone purchase deal," she added. Earlier today, the Prime Minister held a meeting with top U.S business honchos, touching on a range of issues focusing on India's development. After attending the CEOs roundtable conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said that the Prime Minister was focused on getting insights on how to attract more foreign investment. "It (the conference) was a discussion across many industries and I think the Prime Minister was looking for insights into how India can attract more foreign investment," Pichai told ANI in an exclusive interview. He added that good ideas were discussed regarding the same and that everyone was looking forward to invest more in India. "I think there were many good ideas discussed and I think everyone is excited to invest more in India and I'm excited about what we all can do together," said the Google CEO. At the conference with the business honchos, the Prime Minister stressed that the whole world is looking at India today adding that growth for New Delhi also presents a win-win partnership for the United States. Prime Minister Modi who touched down the Andrews Air Force base in Washington yesterday is on a bilateral visit to meet U.S. President Donald Trump. He would be the first world leader to have a working dinner with U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House on Monday. Speaking ahead of the visit, India's Ambassador to the U.S., Navtej Sarna, said that Prime Minister Modi and President Trump would discuss crucial issues such as counter-terrorism, security and cyber security. (ANI)