Trump wants US to expand nuclear arsenal

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

London [UK], Feb. 24(ANI): US President Donald Trump expressed that he wants to expand America's nuclear arsenal adding that the country has fallen behind in its atomic weapons capacity. According to the Independent, Trump said it would allow the US to stay at the "top of the pack" and expressed concern that America has "fallen behind on nuclear weapon capacity". He also hinted at a change of course from Washington on America's involvement in a new strategic arms limitation treaty. Repeating a phrase often used by the President to criticise trade pacts, the former property tycoon said the latest non-proliferation arrangement was a "one-sided deal". Under the New Start treaty US and Russia must limit their arsenals of strategic nuclear weapons to equal levels for 10 years by February 2018. It also permits both countries to have no more than 800 deployed and non-deployed land-based intercontinental and submarine-launched ballistic missile launchers and heavy bombers equipped to carry nuclear weapons.(ANI)