White House aims to be 'as transparent as humanly possible': Sanders

| Updated: Jul 13, 2017 11:33 IST

Washington D.C. [United States], July 13 (ANI): White House principal deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said that the White House aims to be 'as transparent as humanly possible. Responding to a question about why so many officials of Donald Trump administration have not divulged meetings they had with Russian individuals, Sanders said, "Every single day we do our best to give the most accurate information that we have, we continue to do that every single day and have offered to be as transparent as possible with all committees and anyone looking into this matter." "Our goal is to be as transparent as humanly possible and to put every bit of information that we have at the forefront," she added. Sanders further said that the White House gives the best information that they have to a question which is asked from them. She said the White House tries to give full and accurate information as possible at all times. Sanders urged media to focus more on interactions between the Clintons and Russian officials as the Hilary Clinton's campaign chairman's brother lobbied against sanctions on Russia's largest bank and failed to report it. She also noted that Bill Clinton was paid half a million dollars to give a speech to a Russian bank, personally thanked by President Putin and Hillary Clinton allowed one-fifth of America's uranium reserve to be sold to a Russian firm. (ANI)