1962 Sino-India war veterans vows to send their sons to wars if needed

| Updated: Jul 27, 2017 08:12 IST

Beijing [China], July 27 (ANI): The Chinese veterans, who fought the war on the Sino-Indian border 55 years ago, have vowed to send their children to the battle field if another war breaks out. "If needed, we are willing to send our sons and grandsons to the frontline," pledged the 73-year-old man in Xi'an, who was an anti-aircraft gun soldier during the war. "India's intrusion and denial to withdraw has set off a wave of anger among us. When we heard that the army unit where we used to serve has been recently dispatched to Tibet, we felt excited," Global Times quoted Chen Qungeng, director of the 1962 border war veterans association in Shaanxi Province as saying. The war began on 20 October 1962, continued for about a month. According to Chen, the veterans are planning activities to mark the 55th anniversary of the war as, according to him, they maintained a low profile keeping India's feelings in view. But this year, they want to be different. He further said that they regret China's initiative to retreat. The editorial also stated that Indian politicians failed to recognize the Chinese goodwill and still take the cease-fire as a "humiliation." In early June, India's Army Chief General Bipin Rawat said that India was ready for a two-and-a-half front war (against Pakistan, China and domestic extremists).(ANI)