Afghans takes to London streets to protest against Pak-sponsored terrorism

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

London [U.K.], June 24 (ANI): Scores of Afghans took part in a protest march in Central London against Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism and creating instability in their country. Many of protesters shouted slogans asking Islamabad to stop intervening in the internal affairs of Kabul. "The neighbouring countries are trying to interrupt policies within Afghanistan to create a cultural gap in order to get to their objectives. My message through this to Islamabad is that Afghanistan has witnessed continuous war for the last 40 years and most of the times it is being said that intentions of Pakistan is to intervene in the internal affairs of Afghanistan," Hamid Sahil, political and educational activist and President of UEL Afghan Society, said. "By destruction or insecurity in Afghanistan nobody will benefit. If we struggle or suffer, they have been times that the same war makes a u-turn towards Islamabad and its surrounding states," Sahil added. Gharghasht, president of the Afghan Voice Radio, said there must be a comprehensive and practical support from the international community to help strengthen Afghanistan establishments. "Basically, a threat is dealt sooner the better. We need practical and comprehensive support from the international community to tackle this otherwise, it will not leave Afghanistan for decades to come. My thoughts are that if Afghanistan is in peace then world is in peace, so we want to sympathise and cooperate with the world," Gharghasht said. Among the prominent people who supported the march were Noor Ahmad Sapand, political activist, Gulwali Pasarlay, political activist and Author of Lightless Sky, Pritpal Singh, Afghan Sikh community leader and activist, Hamid Jan Kakar, political economical and educational activist, Ramzy Noor, President, Afghan Diaspora, and Bashir Gharwal, President of Coventry Afghan Society. (ANI)