Amendment Proposal: A good step by government with much conscience, claims analyst

| Updated: Dec 01, 2016 21:41 IST

By Binod Prasad Adhikari Kathmandu [Nepal], Dec. 1 (ANI): An analyst here in Kathmandu has hailed the tabling of an amendment proposal as a very positive step in resolving the crisis. "The government took the initiative of tabling of the amendment proposal in the parliament with much care and being aware" Purusottam Dahal, Professor in Nepal Sanskrit University and a Senior Journalist in Capital said in an interview with ANI. With the disgruntled parties still on the protest and opposing the amendment denouncing it for not being able to address their demands Dahal claims, the government has done much preparation to table it. "But there still is some dissatisfaction, like some of the Madhesh based parties are still protesting. Then what could be the solution for it? That also should be presented. The very first amendment was done some months ago, that also could not bring the change after that exercise was done and after that this amendment proposal is brought forward. The government has been saying that they are ready to bring the solution and with the accordance to the things said before the government have tabled the amendment proposal," said Dahal. There has been dissatisfaction with the government's proposal to break the states, anger raged over the various parts of the country with people defying the current plan of demarking the state. Dahal, who is also a senior journalist, suggests the restructuring of state not to be made on the basis of ethnicity. "All have single identity and that is Nepal and the issue personal/ internal identity also is raised and there should be no provision linking ethnic identity and everyone is in support with it. Before this issue was raised and obnoxious situation was witnessed," he said. With the disgruntled Madhesi Morhca not supporting the tabled proposal the amendment is now proved to be a Hercules task for the government. With the bottom-line for the agreement with the main opposition unclear the amendment is in dilemma and the experts also see no bottom line at present rather than taking the opposition in confidence. "I personally think that the opposition also should be taken in confidence. But regarding the talk about their bottom line I will not be able to tell it now because the main opposition is CPN-UML and it was compelled to step down. Current prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal and the coalition took down the government, now they might take this time as an opportunity to go against the government. So the talk over the bottom line is quite hard to say" said Dahal. (ANI)