Anti-terror forces kill suspected ISIS suicide bomber in Turkish capital Ankara

| Updated: Oct 19, 2016 20:22 IST

Istanbul [Turkey], Oct.19 (ANI): A suspected Islamic State suicide bomber has been shot and killed by anti-terror forces during a shootout in the Turkish capital of Ankara. The CNN quoted state-run Anadolu agency saying that the suspect was shot after ignoring demands to surrender. "Scores of explosives" were found in the suspect's home in the Ankara neighborhood of Etimesgut With the coalition forces mounting a major offensive drive against the ISIS in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the authorities had warned of a potential terror attacks in Ankara. Ankara and Baghdad have been involved in a spat over the presence of Turkish soldiers in Nineveh province, northeast of Mosul, which has threatened to complicate the coordination between the two key US allies in the fight against ISIS. (ANI)