Archaeologists discover 2,000-year-old mural in Inner Mongolia tomb

| Updated: Jul 19, 2016 19:11 IST

Ulanbatar (Mongolia), July 19 (ANI): Archaeologists in Inner Mongolia have discovered a mural in a tomb which was painted nearly 2,000 years ago. The Xinhua news agency quoted Mongolian sources, as saying that the tomb was found in a cluster in the desert near Ordos City. It reported that archaeologists also unearthed two skulls in a decayed sarcophagus, as well as pieces from pottery and bronze utensils. The mural, on the walls and extending on to the ceiling of a vault, covers more than 30 square meters. More than 10 pictures tell the life story of the tomb's occupants, as they travel, feast and take care of their livestock. There are also pictures of flowers, flying dragons and a phoenix leading all kinds of birds, to show life after death. (ANI with inputs)