Beijing opposes U.S. sanctions on Iran involving Chinese firms

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Beijing [China], Feb. 7 (ANI): China has lodged representations to the United States over the latest sanctions against Iran which include Chinese nationals and enterprises. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang made the remarks at a routine press briefing on Monday. "China always opposes any unilateral sanctions. Imposing unilateral sanctions at every turn contributes in no way to enhancing mutual trust between relevant parties and works against the cooperative efforts made by relevant parties to jointly resolve some international issues, especially when they hurt the interests of a third part," said the spokesperson. The United States on Friday announced sanctions on multiple entities and individuals involved in Iran's ballistic missile program and in providing support to a military force in Iran, including two Chinese companies and three individuals, according to reports. One of the two Chinese enterprises said that it had no business dealings with Iran in the past three years, still less illegal transactions. (ANI)