BJP, JKNPP back move to curtail perks for separatists

| Updated: Sep 07, 2016 12:47 IST

Jammu (J&K) [India], Sep. 7 (ANI): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has stated that the Centre's purported decision to curtail funds provided to separatist leaders is in the right direction, as all are equal before the law. "Everybody is equal in front of law, whether it is a political activist, a bureaucrat or anyone else. The Government of India must curtail their privileges like health, accommodation, foreign tours and security privileges," BJP State Secretary Er. Ghulam Ali Khatana told ANI. Responding to a question about the all-party delegation, Khatana said that the Government of India treats Kashmiris as their own people and they have every right to redress like any other Indian. He further said, "The Prime Minister is following Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat and Jamhooriyat," adding that the Kashmiris will understand the human approach of the government. Meanwhile, Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) chairman Harsh Dev Singh also extended support to the Centre's reported decision of curtailing privileges for separatists. "This is an appreciable move on the part of the government to curtail the facilities being provided to the separatists and other Hurriyat leaders. We feel that they not only need to be curtailed but also need to be stopped altogether," said Singh. He said that there is no reason to provide facilities to those who ferment trouble in Kashmir and support hate India campaign. "Why should all these facilities of security, foreign trips, medical aid be provided to the people who are fermenting trouble in Kashmir and indulging in hate India campaign. This is highly unjustified. The Government of India should go ahead and withdraw all facilities at the earliest possible," he said. Over question about the all-party meeting to be held today to further discuss the course of action for Kashmir after Hurriyat leaders refused to talk to the all-party delegation, Singh said, "the report of all party delegation already having being submitted to the Prime Minister, we expect that something will come out." "The Government of India needs to act immediately and appropriately to address and redress the crisis. We feel the meeting should be held immediately and concrete steps should be taken to bring back normalcy at the earliest," he added. He said that already much loss of life has been suffered in Kashmir, so action is required as soon as possible. "Already many lives have been, lost thousands have been injured and there is no improvement in the situation as on date. So the matter has got to be addressed on war footing and appropriate action taken at the earliest," he said. Reportedly, the Centre is considering curtailing facilities like foreign trips, security and medical treatment, among other things, for separatists in Kashmir, in a move to harden the government's stance against militants. An all-party meeting will also be held today to further discuss the course of action on the Kashmir issue. (ANI)