China woos Myanmar, invites opinion-formers to 'improve understanding'

| Updated: Jul 19, 2016 21:55 IST

Naypyidaw, July 19 (ANI): In a bid to recalibrate its relationship with Myanmar, China has invited the latter's hundreds of opinion-formers to "improve understanding" on their part of China's intentions. According to the State Council Information Office of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Beijing has invited more than 100 journalists, government officials and members of parliament to visit the country, as well as 100 students to study in China. China is telling Myanmar that it knows Myanmar has changed, and that China's attitude has changed too, reports Myanmar Times. The move comes as Myanmar has now become a democratic neighbour that has acquired a global range of other options, unlike during the previous military regime, when an isolated Myanmar became economically dependent on Chinese support as the United States and Europe applied sanctions. Due to China's extensive investments in Myanmar during the term of the last government and before, many Myanmar citizens do not have a warm opinion of their northern neighbour. Chinese Public Diplomacy Office Director Wang Xiaofeng said that his country sought peaceful and prosperous relations with its southern neighbour. "China wants Myanmar to understand that we can make money together," he said, stressing his government's policy of non-intervention in internal affairs. That was the message given by Foreign Minister Wang Yi to his counterpart, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, when he visited Nay Pyi Taw last April, he said. Wang said, "We will not interfere in Myanmar's internal affairs. But we will try to help. Myanmar has water supplies and needs to use them. Together, we can make money." (ANI)