Downing Street dismisses early election speculation

| Updated: Mar 20, 2017 09:52 IST

London [UK], Mar. 20 (ANI): The Downing Street has dismissed speculation over an early election as "nonsense" as reports emerged of May 4 being floated as a date for British Prime Minister Theresa May to seek a mandate for Brexit and her domestic policies. According to a report by the Independent, in order to increase her working majority of 17 in the Commons, Tory MPs have been privately voicing the urgency for a snap election as they believe they would be able to achieve a greater majority at the ballot box by capitalising on current divisions in the Labour party. But Downing Streets sources dismissed the election speculation as "nonsense". Sources said that the government's position "hasn't changed" adding that "We don't think there should be an early election". The Prime Minister has also been resolute in her stance that there will be no general election before 2020 since her ascent to the post last year. (ANI)