End conspiracy theories about China: State media to India

| Updated: May 04, 2017 22:27 IST

Beijing (China), May 4 ANI : Accusing India of creating hurdles in the way of the China's One Belt, One Road initiative, state-run Global Times has in an editorial justified China's development plan of economic corridors and asked New Delhi to should stop expressing concern over the increased Chinese military presence in the region. In an article titled "Belt and Road can 'solve global woes', the Global Times emphasised that six 'economic corridors' launched by China aim to benefit the economies of the participant countries and help stabilize many regions. The daily further said, "India's economy accounts for 80 percent in the region. So, if New Delhi is reluctant to get involved in China's development plan, other countries in the region will also be impacted when participating in the B&R initiative. That's why the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar Economic Corridor's progress is very slow." The editorial tries to justify that China's most ambitious economic and foreign policy project "One Belt and One Road" is not a military project and is not aimed at any country but is a part of the economic vision of cooperation between and among countries. The initiative focuses on bringing China, Central Asia, Russia and Europe; linking China with the Persian Gulf and the Mediterrrean Sea through Central Asia and West Asia and further connecting China with Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Indian Ocean. The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor and the Bangladesh-China -India-Myanmar Economic Corridor require closer cooperation among the concerned countries, The Global Times reports. This article come days ahead of a two-day high-profile mega Silk Road summit to be held in Beijing from May14 to May 15. Over 28 world leaders and 50 heads of organisations are likely to attend the event.(ANI)