Ex-warlord Faryadi regrets committing war crimes in Afghanistan

| Updated: Dec 27, 2016 19:59 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], Dec. 27 (ANI): Former warlord and Hizb-e-Islami commander Zardad Faryadi has said he regrets his actions during the Afghan civil war, adding that he is ready to appear in a court of justice. Faryadi said he was released from a UK prison after completing his jail term, and stressed the release had nothing to do with the recent peace agreement signed between the Afghanistan government and Hizb-e-Islami, reports the Tolo News. Faryadi served more than 10 years in a UK prison on charges of torture and human rights violations before being deported back to Afghanistan earlier this month. In Afghanistan he has been accused of violating human rights and committing crimes during the Afghan civil war. "As I am regretful, others also should be regretful. I was not the commander of the war, other Generals and commanders were involved in the war. I have paid for what I have done," he said. Faryadi said anyone who has complaints against him can file a petition for him to be brought to court. "If anyone have complaints against me, they can register their complaints and I am ready to appear in court. What happened in the past is actually over, because I already served 10 years in prison for what I have done in the past," he added. Faryadi said he has no hard feelings towards those who testified against him during his UK trial in 2005. Earlier, Human Right Watch has expressed fear that the deportation of Faryadi from the United Kingdom to Afghanistan poses a clear danger for witnesses who testified against the former warlord. (ANI)