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Has Pak officially abandoned its support for 'azadi' for Kashmir?

| Updated: Jul 22, 2016 23:48 IST

Muzaffarabad, July. 22 (ANI): Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's assertion on Friday that he is 'waiting for the day' when Kashmir becomes Pakistan certifies that Islamabad has officially abandoned the position that it supports 'azadi' (independence) for Kashmir or the Kashmiris. In his first public address post his return from London after undergoing an open-heart surgery in May, Sharif, according to the Dawn, urged Kashmiris not to forget the sacrifice of those people, who had given up their lives in the cause of freedom and right to self-determination. Thanking the people for their support in the wake of the PML-N achieving a majority win in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, Sharif lashed out at those engaging in "negative politics" against his party. Asserting that the PML-N is setting a new record for progress in Pakistan, he said, "You cheer for me because you know Nawaz Sharif will build motorways." The PML-N is set to form the next government in the Pakistan administered Kashmir as the unofficial poll results indicate that it has won 41 seats. (ANI)