India blaming Islamabad for Uri strike 'unfounded, uninvestigated' accusations: Pak MoFA

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], Sept. 22 (ANI): The Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) on Thursday rejected the Indian authorities' blaming Islamabad for the Uri terror strike as "unfounded, baseless and uninvestigated" accusations. "Minutes after the attack, the Indian authorities blamed Pakistan for the incident without even investigating the matter. I would like to refer you to Adviser Sartaj Aziz's recent statement that 'it is either a strategy or a matter of habit on their part to blame Pakistan for any incident in India, especially in the Kashmir Valley'. We totally reject these unfounded, baseless and uninvestigated accusations levelled against Pakistan," said MoFA spokesperson Nafees Zakaria during a weekly media briefing. When a reporter asked about the military movement/preparedness on the Line of Control (LoC), especially when there are reports of Pakistan's airspace closing down in the northern areas, and reports about India's military repositioning at Uri, the spokesman said: "You referred to some exercises on Pakistan's side. Let me tell you that these are routine exercises. With regard to the other part of your question, we have seen all those inflammatory and irresponsible statements emanating from India coupled with hype created by the Indian media. Pakistan is a peace loving country, and we pursue our Prime Minister's vision of peaceful neighbourhood. Having said that let me be clear that our armed forces and the entire nation of Pakistan remain ready to defend our country's sovereignty and territorial integrity at all costs. They were part of routine exercises, which we undertake regularly." Responding to a question on whether there is any chance of Pakistan taking part in the investigation of the Uri attack, "You have seen our spirit of cooperation. When the Indians approached us with the formal requests in the case of Mumbai attacks, we extended full cooperation despite the fact that it was India, which was lacking in terms of responding to Pakistan's requirements. In case of Pathankot attack, we also sent our team over there. Thus, we have extended cooperation in the two instances." Asked about some media reports that India may not turn up at the upcoming SAARC Summit, he said, "About participation in SAARC, what you are referring to are media reports, on which I would not comment. We have not received any official intimation in this regard." He said he was not aware of any official intimation regarding Prime Minster Narendra Modi's not attending the upcoming SAARC Summit. Talking about the Pakistani police's apprehending a number of terrorists allegedly with Indian-made weapons, he said, "We have been consistently highlighting India's role in subversive and terrorist activities in Pakistan. You may recall that few months back, our law enforcement agencies apprehended a RAW operative who confessed Indian role in terrorist activities in Pakistan especially in Balochistan and Karachi. "The recent statement by the Indian Prime Minister on the Independence Day of India was yet another proof of Indian involvement in perpetrating terrorism and terror financing in Pakistan. We have shared dossiers last year with the UN Secretary General as well as the US Government in this regard. We will keep the international community informed regarding fresh evidences, indicating Indian involvement in subversive and terrorist activities in Pakistan." Answering a question on BLA chief Brahamdagh Bugti seeking asylum in India, the MoFA spokesman said, "We have seen the media reports in this regard, such developments add to the fact that India is deeply involved in stirring up situation in Balochistan through terror financing and perpetrating terrorism in Pakistan." Reacting to US Congressmen like Bob Corner and State officials like spokesperson Richard Olson being critical of Pakistan, he said, "Where there are numerous friends of Pakistan in the US ranks, there are some odd detractors as well. Pakistan's leadership has, time and again, reiterated our resolve not to allow anyone to use Pakistan's territory for planning or staging terrorist activities against any other country. Through successful operation Zarb-e-Azb, we have been able to clear FATA of all terrorist groups without discrimination. As part of the National Action Plan, Pakistan has also carried out intelligence-driven law enforcement operations indiscriminately against terrorist elements. There is widespread recognition and appreciation of the world, including the U.S., on Pakistan's successes as well as our sacrifices in the counterterrorism efforts." When asked how many countries were supporting Pakistan on the Kashmir issue, Zakaria said, "A large number of countries have supported Pakistan on Kashmir. OIC alone is a conglomerate of 57 countries, which has supported Kashmiris' indigenous struggle in unequivocal terms. I would also refer to Premier Li Keqiang's statement of yesterday, in which he has reassured Pakistan of China's full support on our stance on Kashmir, and has called on the international community to recognise the severity of the issue. The Italian Defence Minister, on her recent visit to Pakistan, condemned atrocities in Kashmir. She stressed that her country would not tolerate such incidents of gross human rights violations, and would take steps to sensitise people around the world about the grave situation in Kashmir." (ANI)