India's success story can be defined by harmony, optimism, potential, energy: PM Modi

| Updated: Jul 09, 2016 05:58 IST

Johannesberg (South Africa), July 9 (ANI): Addressing the Indian diaspora here in Johannesberg, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said today India's success story can be defined in just four letters- 'Hope', where 'H' stands for harmony, 'O' stands for optimism, 'P' stands for Potential and 'E' for energy. "There is a new momentum in villages. There is a wave of new momentum in our villages, our cities are full of enterprise and energy, and citizens are full of optimism. Today India's success story can be defined in just 4 letter "HOPE" where H- harmony, O - optimism, P -Potential and E -energy," Prime Minister Modi said. He said India today is a land of opportunity for those who want to connect and collaborate, produce and engineer. "India registered a healthy growth rate of 7.4 percent this year. We are a bright spot on global economy. There is a transformation that aims to uplift India's 1.25 billion people, its 500 cities and its 600 thousand villages," he said. He said the Government of India engages with its citizen and a society relates to its old and new structures. "I want it to be driven by infrastructure, that does not only provide basic needs but also engineers a modern mode network of roads, ports, railways to serve as gateway for economy progress," he added. The Prime Minister said the Indian community in South Africa has stayed true to 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam' for others. "In doing so, you have echoed South Africa ethos of Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu. South Africa is a sacred land. It is the land of Mandela and "karmabhumi" of Mahatma Gandhi. Umuntu Ngumuntu Ngabantu, "a person is a person because of people". Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, "the world is one family"," he added. Pointing out that India like South Africa is a young nation, Prime Minister Modi said he wants the youth to be the engine that pulls the society. He further said that India is working to skill the youth and also trying a modern mode network of roads, ports, railways to serve as gateway for the economic progress. "We want our youth to meet the global need of skilled manpower. The mindset of our people is also changing. Credit for this does not go to Modi but the 1.25 billion people of India. We are aiming to register over 8 percent growth in the coming years," he added. Prime Minister Modi asserted that South Africa will find India a sustainable and reliable partner as it will work for the safety and economy progress of the country. "Our development and business partnerships are already doing well. Together we can create new skills, enterprises and social values. India and South Africa are strategic partners. We are active drivers of regional partnership. Together we can create new values for our friends in Africa. We live in an age of global challenges; fight against terrorism, piracy, AIDS & Ebola are some of the key areas of our partnership," he added. He stated India has started International Solar Alliance which has support of over 120 countries. "A resurgent India awaits you. We launched e-visa for South Africa; you can now get visa at home without any cost," he added. The Prime Minister concluded his address by saying, "You are a window to India's heritage. Your achievements, contribution, and success make us proud. A privilege to connect with you." After the conclusion of his speech, Prime Minister Modi greeted the Indian community members. (ANI)