Indian Embassy in Germany launches Videsh Niti series, terrorism first theme of discussion

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Berlin [Germany], Jan.18 (ANI): As part of its expanding outreach programme, the Embassy of India in Berlin, Germany, today launched a foreign policy discussion scheme "Videsh Niti" series. The objective is to have a greater appreciation of India's foreign policy positions in Germany and introduce a meaningful dialogue on such issues in a contemporary format with the participation of policy makers, think tanks and other related individuals and institutions. The inaugural Videsh Niti Session was a discussion on "Globalization of Terror: Recent Perspectives and Regional Dynamics" which was held at the Embassy premises in the afternoon of January 17, 2017. This would be followed by other themes in the near future. Speaking at the launch of the series Ambassador Gurjit Singh said that India and Germany were important partners and member of the G 20. While we do a lot together in economic engagement, cultural interaction and an expanding academic and students interaction, political and foreign policy themes often took a lower role in our public engagement. In order to enhance this and the perception of India in Germany, this special Videsh Niti series was being launched. We aim to do this by partnering with important think tanks for each of the series including the Koerber Foundation, German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), Global Policy Planning Initiative (GPPI) etc. The panelists for the Session were Dr. Andreas Nick, MP and member of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the German Parliament (Bundestag); Dr. Joachim Bertele, Deputy Director General for Foreign Security and Development Policy in the Federal Chancellery; Dr. Angela Stanzel Senior Policy Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR); and Mr. Abghishek Singh, Deputy Chief of the Mission. The select group of participants belong to the German Government, Bundestag, Think-Tanks and Foundations, Diplomatic Missions and others interested in foreign policy matters. Terrorism is a global threat which poses an unprecedented challenge to all nations. It casts a long shadow on our development and economic prosperity. Today, no corner of the world is immune to this menace. There is a changing character of terrorism with global links, franchise relations, home-grown terrorism and use of cyber space for recruitment and propaganda. It is imperative that the world acts in a united way against terrorism. There can be no disagreement on putting in place an effective counter-terrorism strategy with efficient mechanisms and response systems at different levels which require greater international cooperation. We need to restructure the international legal framework to deal with the unique challenges of terrorism. This requires a meaningful dialogue among all stakeholders on regular basis. India remains committed to global efforts of tackling the menace of terrorism. The Embassy of India highly appreciates a meaningful and interesting discussion on this very important topic of terrorism in the inaugural session of the Videsh Niti Series. (ANI)