IS forces captives to convert to Islam: Yazidi activist

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

New Delhi [India], Mar. 6 (ANI): Lamia Haji Bashar, Yazidi woman activist, who escaped from the Islamic State in Iraq narrating her suffering said the extremists forced the captives to convert to Islam and called other religions unacceptable. "They forced us to convert to Islam. They told us we are infidel and that our religion was not acceptable and we were tortured and punished everytime," she said. She was subjected to inhuman torture and sexual abuse everytime she attempted to escape, but, did not give up her hope. Bashar said that she wanted to tell the world about the cruelty of Daesh, however, expressing disappointing that not much has changed at ground and that the Yazidi community continues to suffer. "I was suffering so much, I wanted to escape and tell the world about the crimes of Daesh. I am trying to lobby to raise awareness about the crimes of Daesh in a humanitarian way, not as a political issue," she said, adding, "I have been telling my story to the world but nothing has happened for my community on the ground level. They are still suffering." She added, "I hope we can bring Daesh to accountability and punish the people who are behind them." (ANI)