Lanka takes legal action against citizens for breeding dengue mosquitoes

| Updated: Jul 17, 2016 23:43 IST

Colombo, July 17 (ANI): Sri Lanka's Ministry of Health has taken legal action against a thousand individuals for breeding dengue mosquitoes. The authorities in a national Dengue Prevention Program inspected 63,595 premises and prosecuted 1,135 people during the first-two days of the three-day program, reports the Colombo Page. The four-day long program commenced on July 13 and concluded on July 15. The Health Ministry also issued notices to 2,847 individuals in this regard. The authorities have this year has so far inspected around one million premises and out of them around 200,000 places were identified as possible dengue breeding sites. So far this year, 24,400 suspected dengue cases have been reported to the Unit from all over the island, according to the Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry. (ANI)