Mehendi on hands of women marks 'Shrawan Sakranti' in Nepal

Binod Prasad Adhikari | Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], July 16 (ANI): Tri-colored beads of red, green and yellow and mehendi over the palms and wrists of women have marked the starting days of Shrawan Sakranti in Nepal. According to the Hindu belief, the fourth month on lunar calendar marks the month devoted to Lord Shiva. Married and unmarried females observe fast on every Monday this month. The married ones fast for a longer life of their husbands whereas the unmarried ones pray to Lord Shiva for a best match. With the start of this auspicious month, the sale of beads, mehendi and red 'choora' bangles usually goes up. However, the bead sellers this year are experiencing slowdown in the business. "In comparison to last year, the sales have decreased significantly. The months of Baisakh, Jeth, Ashar, Shrawan; these four months use to be full of rush. The month of Baisakh was satisfactory, Jestha went to zero and the Ashar also lied down. We use to sell stuffs in Shrawan and Bhadra. There is Teej on 8th of Bhadra, so we have expectations with the month of Shrawan," Abbas, a bead seller told ANI. The beads, which are stitched in threads, are brought from India, Pakistan, China and other countries. The cultural transformation and modernisation are being regarded as the reason for the slowdown in the business of beads. The younger generations in Nepal are now fascinated towards Mehendi and red 'choora' bangles, which they consider as stylish. "Especially in Shrawan, the ladies put on choora on their wrist and mehendi on their palms. There is a traditional belief about mehendi that the darker is the impression of mehendi on hands, the more love the future husband or the spouse will give you," Tulasa Karki, a resident in Kathmandu after decorating palms with Mehendi, said. Apart from the religious beliefs, the month of Shrawan is also regarded as the month to mark the end of paddy plantation in Nepal. (ANI)