Modi's speech an 'empty threat' from Islamabad's perspective: Pak author Tarek Fatah

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], Sept. 25 (ANI): After Prime Minister Modi's strongly worded speech against Pakistan, Pakistani author and analyst Tarek Fatah said that for Islamabad such speeches are just empty threats until it directly feels the heat. "It is encouraging that he (Prime Minister Modi) has brought it up one more time, but it depends whether it is having any effect on the Pakistani military government or not. I don't think Pakistan takes anything seriously because from their perspective, these are just empty threats," Fatah told ANI. He said that unless the Government of Pakistan feels the heat directly, there will not be any change in their attitude. He added, "This can only happen if India acts in the Indus Act treaty and takes the first step at ensuring that Pakistan feels that Prime Minister Modi means what he says." He alleged that Pakistan uses the policy of blackmail and exporting terrorism. "It is just Pakistan that relies only on blackmail, exporting terror and blackmailing the United States, China and the European Union through funding from Saudi Arabia to carry out terror," said Fatah, adding, "The people of the land are very unfortunate that a certain group of Punjabi military mullah mafia is controlling the destiny of the Balochs, the Sindhis and the Pashtuns." Reacting on Modi's comment to fight war against poverty, Fatah said, "For Pakistan, poverty is essential because how else can the upper class enjoy the exploitation of the poor. The ruling class there does not want poverty to end, because if poverty ends, the power ends." Yesterday, while addressing a public rally in Kozhikode, the Prime Minister launched a scathing attack on Pakistan, and said the people of Pakistan should ask their leaders that India and Pakistan got freedom in the same year, but India exports software and our country is exporting terrorists. He said that India would never forget the Uri terror attack and would make all efforts to isolate Islamabad globally. He also challenged Pakistan that if it wants war it should fight against poverty and other evils in its society. (ANI)