Myanmar's northern Rakhine state enjoys peace after months of violence

| Updated: Feb 16, 2017 19:30 IST

Naypyidaw [Myanmar], Feb.16 (ANI): Myanmar's Ministry of Home Affairs and the Tatmadaw, the nation's armed forces establishment, have both confirmed that security clearance is in place in several areas of northern Rakhine State. The Myanmar Times quoted key officials of both, as saying that at present, area security, peace, rule of law and government administration mechanisms have been restored to normal conditions, months after the onset of violent attacks in the state. They said security measures have been heightened to ensure the sovereignty and safety of the Rakhine borders. Myanmar's Deputy Home Minister Major General Aung Soe said that the government and the cabinet have formed several committees and teams to ensure border security, peace and tranquility and rule of law. Government officials, he said, are working closely with respective organisations for population-related activities besides border security matters, immigration and preventive measures against illegal cross-border entries. "For the security of the country's seas, frigates, corvettes, rubber boats and petrol boats from Tatmadaw (Navy) are deployed at the mouth of the sea and at inshore waters," said the deputy minister. Border police are deployed at 186 locations throughout the state where they work together with Tatmadaw members to uphold security, tranquility and rule of law. In addition to that, offices and police stations in Maungtaw, Buthidaung and Rathedaung townships have been reinforced by Rakhine state police forces. (ANI)