Nepal Elections will be held in time, no need to doubt, says PM Dahal

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

By Binod Prasad Adhikari Kathmandu [Nepal], Feb.8 (ANI): With the delay in the announcement of the date for holding the election and doubts rising over the government's intention, Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal a.k.a. Prachanda has claimed that elections will be held soon. Dahal claimed his government intends to hold the election on time. "Some of the MP's and journalists asked me about the probability of election. I have been telling time and again, that there is no need to cast doubt over it and this time I again repeat that election will be held and should not cast doubt over it and election must be held," Prime Minister Dahal said after the presentation made by the Election Commission over the use of electronic voting machine on election in its head office on Tuesday. Prime Minister Dahal further claimed that the government is poised to hold the election without any delay. "We will hold the election on time incorporating everyone. The government is clear about it, cabinet also have made the decision and also has directed the Election Commission to start the preparations with regard to it," Dahal added. The cabinet meeting last week wrote letter to the Election Commission, Nepal to make preparations for the local election but the date for election was mentioned nowhere. The electoral body now is in confusion about the structure of the election and date for holding it. Prime Minister Dahal also appealed everyone to create the favorable environment for holding the election with the hope of participation from all the sides. "Instead, the favorable environment should be created for holding the elections. I have expected help and co-ordination from all to help bring the disgruntled and opposing parties to the path of holding election," Dahal said. Though Prime Minister claimed of holding the election on time he again expressed his reservation regarding the date for holding the election in the program. The government who is pressing hard for holding three tire election before the time set by the constitution expires already have missed the deadline set by the National election commission last month to announce the date. The election commission has requested the government to announce the date by mid of Magh or January 28, 2017 to hold the election before the monsoon starts in Nepal. With the government going ahead with the passing of electoral bills the political parties has not set the structure of governance which has stalled the further processing. (ANI)