Nepal ethnic minorities to protest ahead of second phase of polls

| Updated: May 26, 2017 22:36 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], May 26 (ANI): The Federal Alliance of Nepal on Friday announced fresh plans of protest targeting the second phase polls scheduled for June 14. The FA has unviled protest plans for a week which it says is the first phase of their protest. The protest plans by the disgruntled parties has raised question over the government attempt to bring them into the filed of election and all the attempts to appease them is thought to be go into vain. The disgruntled alliance has unvield the fresh plans of protest which ranges from batton protest to the picketing of the election offices in low lying Southern plains and call for the strike aimed to disrupt the filing of nominations. The government on May 22 have decided to add 22 local levels in the volatile southern plains inorder to appease the disguntled parties. The government also have published the decision in the Nepal Gazette for implementation. In addition to this the government last week accepted the Tharuhat movement as a political movement and has directed the Law and Home Ministry to drop down charges against the innocients who had no relation with the violence. But the disgruntled parties is still to get convinced with the government. Mahanta Thakur, Chairman of the Rastriya Janata Party, said, "Commitment was made by the Prime Minister this morning too while we have met but the work is not carried out as per the commitment. The agenda has been changing over and over. Its been more than 10 months they said to do it today/ tomorrow and we have seen his attempt but the result is yet to yield." With the increasing doubt by the increasing distance between the government and agitating parties the question over the second phase polls is rising. The protest plans from the agitating parties comes at the time when Nepal has care taker government. The second phase election which is scheduled for 14 June will cover the larger protion of the volatile Southern Plains of Nepal which covers about 30 percent land area of the country. An estimated nine million people are eligible to vote in the second phase while the first one has already commenced in May 14. (ANI)