Nepal's Election Commission starts preparation for three tier election

Binod Prasad Adhikari | Updated: Jul 05, 2017 04:54 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], July 4 (ANI): The Nepal Election Commission has started the preparation for the three-tier elections to the Provinicial Assembly and House of Representatives. After the meeting of the Election Commission commenced late on Tuesday evening, it sent a letter to the government with a demand to fortify the electoral body. In the letter, the electoral body proposed its date for holding the three tiers of elections. The EC wants to conduct the province level polls by October second week, the national assembly elections by October last week and legislative elections by November second week if the required laws were provided. "Undermining the geological and typography of Nepal it is not possible to hold the elections in the Himalayan Districts of Nepal after late November and keeping mind on the constitutional obligations Commission has made aforementioned work table to formulate it. State Council Election: Within mid of October- 2017, National Assembly Election: Within the starting days of November- 2017, Election of House of Representative: Within the Third week of November- 2017," the letter to the government by electoral body states. The Government of Nepal has the time of six months to hold the election of state council, national assembly and the election of house of representatives as the present Constituent Assembly will be dissolved after first week of January, 2018. In addition, the electoral body also requested government to form separate commission for the determination of number of constituencies which is required to submit its report by the end of July. The commission also has set mid of July as the dateline for the passing of the electoral laws to hold the three tier election. It said that it can wait till the first week of August to get the date of the elections. Recently, Nepal held the first and second phase election of local levels after about two decades and is set to hold the third round of local elections in the Province no.2 on September 18. However, the final round faces uncertainty as the protest over the charter promulgated two year ago is still prevalent. (ANI)