Nisar and Rabbani deplore US lawmakers' accusations against Pakistan

| Updated: Jul 15, 2016 16:57 IST

Islamabad, July 15 (ANI): Pakistan Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan has expressed serious reservations over the assertions by some American Congressmen and officials about Pakistan's role in the war on terror. "It is regrettable that the US parliamentarians have neither realisation nor awareness about the heavy price paid by Pakistan and Pakistanis in this war," Khan told U.S. Ambassador David Hale on Thursday, reports the Dawn. Khan said such statements evoked, accusations and uncalled-for criticism over Pakistan's 'sincere efforts for peace' evoke a strong reaction here and warned that this could create hindrance in the way of achieving mutual interests. The minister also said that the successes achieved against terrorism were reflective of the serious efforts made by Pakistan. To this, Hale said the U.S. government acknowledged the gains made against terrorism, particularly in the Zarb-i-Azb military operation, and the efforts being made by Pakistan for peace in the region. Meanwhile, Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani also said on Thursday that the people of Pakistan are appalled at the views expressed by certain American law makers in the US Congress regarding Pakistan. He called it an 'unfortunate pattern' of blaming Pakistan for the mistakes made by US policy makers on Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world. (ANI)