Now in Pakistan, special speedy trial courts to deal with terrorism cases, not military courts

| Updated: Dec 30, 2016 14:02 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], Dec.30 (ANI): Come January 7, 2017, and the Pakistan government has taken the principled decision that all terrorism-related cases will be dealt by special trial courts rather than military courts. According to The News, a new law is likely to be introduced to hand over jurisdictional authority to these special speedy trial courts and end the two-year-long role of military courts that were set up under the 21st Amendment of the Pakistan Constitution. The government has said that will enforce the Anti-Terrorism Act drafted by the Interior Ministry that will include the top clauses of the Protection of Pakistan Act (POPA). However, it added that the Rangers and other law enforcement agencies will continue to enjoy police powers to maintain peace and thwart terrorist activities. Steps will also be taken to lawfully protect witnesses in these cases. The sources say the government has the power to promulgate an ordinance in the absence of the National Assembly session. The Senate will meet on January 9 and the National Assembly on January 26. So there will be no constitutional gap after the abolishment of the military courts on January 7. The sources say that to bridge the gap to be caused by the expiry of the military courts, the Senate passed two substitute laws which are tagged as private members bills. (ANI)