Pak media urges state to eliminate non-state actors or face global isolation

| Updated: Oct 17, 2016 20:25 IST

Lahore [Pakistan], Oct. 17 (ANI): Citing the present political scenario, the Pakistani media has urged the government to define and act on policies to completely eliminate non-state actors as otherwise the country is on the verge of global isolation, an effort being furiously undertaken by India at all international platforms post the Uri attack. "Pakistan's national interest lies in the complete elimination of nefarious elements, without any discrimination; the civil and military brass should at least have the decency to admit that Pakistan still isn't 100 per cent sure which non-state actor is good or bad," read an article published in The Nation. It points out that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi's latest remarks in an address to the BRICS leaders saying, "Tragically the mothership of terrorism is a country in India's neighbourhood", was clearly aimed at Pakistan. "Modi's statement shows just how committed New Delhi is when it comes to isolating Pakistan globally. From cancelling the SAARC Summit to boycotting Pakistani artistes, the Modi regime is hell-bent on weakening Pakistan at every international forum," read the article. It further says Pakistan is trying its best to convince foreign diplomats, especially those in the United States, that it has adopted a 'non-discriminatory' approach towards nefarious elements, which aim to destabilise the country. But its attempts to convince its allies have met with sharp criticism, both at home and abroad. The United States is time and again asking Islamabad to 'do more' against terrorism. Despite claiming to be Pakistan's strategic ally, China has also expressed its concerns over the course the former has taken. "Their demands are simple: take indiscriminate action against nefarious elements or face isolation; the latter appears to looming over the country as it walks a line between appeasing the civilian and the security establishment," says the article. (ANI)