Pak PM Sharif's family employs 300 Indians, alleges opposition leader Qadris

| Updated: Sep 10, 2016 16:22 IST

Lahore [Pakistan], Sept. 10 (ANI): Tahirul Qadri, chairman of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) chairman has alleged that Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's family has employed 300 Indians in their sugar mills. Qadri on Friday unveiled a list of 50 Indians who have been allegedly working in sugar mills owned by the Sharif brothers. "They are part of some 300 Indians working in the sugar mills on a police reporting-free, multiple-entry visas," the Express Tribune quoted Qadri as saying at the PAT Model Town secretariat. Maintaining that the Indians were issued visas on letterheads issued by the sugar mills owned by the Sharifs, he said that the Pakistan High Commission in Delhi was instructed to give the Indians visas that exempt them from reporting to the police. "Exemption from police reporting is given in very high-profile cases. But these Indians, who have been given visas are engineers, welders, technicians and IT experts. Are all such experts not available in Pakistan? Either all Pakistanis should be allowed to import workers from India or the Sharifs should be questioned on this?" he added. However, he expressed fear that some of them could be Indian spies. "It is not written on the forehead of anybody that he is a spy. It wasn't written on Kulbhushan Yadav's forehead that he was a spy. If they are not spies then why have they been exempted from police reporting and why have customs officials not been given permission to search their luggage," he questioned. Qadri declared that in the next episode, he would share the names and passports of other Indians. The PAT chief even claimed that he has spoken to the Indian's working there. "Rules are the same in India and Pakistan. If anybody from the two countries has to travel to the other country, they have to report to police. I spoke about Indians working in Sharifs' sugar mills in Rawalpindi and nobody dared to rebut it, which shows whatever I said was true. They are slaughtering national sovereignty and should be questioned," he said. Qadri demanded that the Sharifs and their ministers should be arrested and then interrogated. Meanwhile, responding to Qadri's allegations, Sharif Group of Industries Managing Director Yousaf Abbas Sharif said that not a single Indian was working in the sugar mill. He pointed out that currently, 1,100 plus employees were employed at the mills, but none of them are foreigners. "Tahirul Qadri is a proven liar. We are sending him a defamation notice and will take him to court," Yousaf said. (ANI)