Pakistan lawmakers say time to shun US diktat

| Updated: Jul 21, 2016 21:41 IST

Islamabad, July 21 (ANI): Pakistan lawmakers in the Senate have unanimously agreed to engage all stakeholders for reviewing Islamabad's terms of engagement with world powers, especially the United States. "There is complete imbalance in our relations with the US, which has been shaping and reshaping our foreign policy goals through means of dictation and bullying," said Senate Chairman Raza Rabbani. According to the Dawn, Rabbani was chairing the meeting of the Senate Committee convened to chalk out policy guidelines in light of the "emerging regional realities". This comes as last week, a few US Congressmen recommended cutting off all American assistance to Pakistan to force Islamabad to go tough on Afghan Taliban. "The situation arising after the negative remarks of (US) Congress legislators regarding Pakistan's role in war on terror has compelled us to determine new terms of engagement to promote our national interest," said Rabbani. The unnecessary criticism has become a frequent trend amongst the US legislators and policymakers without realising Pakistan's efforts for global war on terror, he added. Senator Sherry Rehman, a former ambassador to the US, said that the US has been long seeing Pakistan through the lens of Afghanistan and it is time it recognises it as an independent political entity and regional reality. Vehemently opposing the overwhelming interference of the security establishment in foreign affairs, Rehman said formulating foreign policy was the parliament's job. "I strongly believe the foreign policy should not be drafted by the establishment or any other quarters," said Rehman. "While the states are introducing new foreign policy trends and reprioritising their diplomatic goals, we are living in the past, dancing to the US tunes in submission," said Senator Sehar Kamran. The Senate panel members unanimously agreed to invite all stakeholders in the upcoming meetings to map comprehensive guidelines for future engagements with neighbouring countries and world powers. (ANI)