Pakistanis the most backward immigrant community: British Govt. survey

| Updated: Jan 02, 2017 22:39 IST

Karachi [Pakistan], Jan. 02 (ANI): A recently conducted survey by the British government has revealed that the Pakistani community living in Britain is the 'most backward' among all the immigrant communities residing there. The survey results showed that the number of unemployed Pakistani-origin men is three times as much as those from the white community, reports Geo News. It said that one in every four Pakistani drives a taxi as their main income source. The survey further disclosed that 57 percent of Pakistani-origin women are either inactive - not part of the active workforce - or unemployed. This number is unusually higher than the proportion of inactive or unemployed women from other communities. The number of white women who are unemployed, in contrast, stands at 25 percent. The survey found that a number of Pakistanis face hurdles settling in Britain due to inadequate English-speaking skills. According to media reports, the survey mainly revolved around the economic standing of the community and the ability to communicate with and adapt in a foreign environment. (ANI)