Parties scared of election are opposing it, claims Madhav Nepal

| Updated: Feb 21, 2017 22:38 IST

By Binod Prasad Adhikari Kathmandu (Nepal), Feb. 21(ANI): Opposition CPN- UML leader Madhav Kumar Nepal has said forces scared of election are opposing it. In an interview given to ANI in Kathmandu, Nepal claimed parties not having the strength to go to the people are opposing the election. "The Communist Party of Nepal is all the time prepared to face the election, any type of election. We are not afraid of election. You know, in Nepali politics, there are various parties, they are scared of election, when they listen to the word election, they tremble. The reason is they are very weak, that's why they are all the time for a proportional representation system and not for a directly for a elected system because they are not strong among the people. They don't have broad mass support with them," he said. Briefing about preparations being made within the party, he said, "As for us, we are like fish in water. We believe that the people and people alone can create history, and that has been true in Nepal. "That's why when the question comes to be near to the people, when the question comes to have an opportunity to go to the people, we enjoy, we feel joyous at that time and elections are the pillar of democracy. That's why we have to promote the culture of competition and that is election and that should be held as stipulated in law or constitution," Nepal said. "Whether we win or not, we don't care about that one, we care about the institution, we care about the system and we care about the constitution, we care about the political stability that's why, we are for election and that's why we have told/ asked our party cadres, party members, sympathizers that be mentally prepared and if possible as should physically prepared," he added. With the countdown for the current government' already starting and talk of an united government surfacing, the opposition leader hinted towards the least probability. "We don't care about our participation in the government. What we care is that a government in place should be responsible enough to do/ to perform their responsibility/ task that is to hold the election on time," Nepal said. "As for us, whether we will be in the government or not is not a mojor thing. We will be pleased to hear, to see that the election has been announced, election is going to be held in smooth way and it is done in impartial, free and fair manner. That is the main thing whether we are in government or not or the part of partial government or not, it is not a major question for us. So no one should think that UML has only one thing on mind that is to be in the government or participation in the government that is not true," Nepal added. When asked about the prospect of effect of protest after the election being held with the ongoing protest from the Madhesi alliance he ruled out any effect on his election result. "It is not correct. I belong to Madhesh- Terai, I am the son of the soil of Madhesh- Terai and my whole ancestors have been borned and have spent their whole life there so I am known to the feelings and views there. Not only that I got elected from Rautahat constituency no. 1 that is the Gaur Municipality that is the district headquarter of Rautahat. I have not heard the common people asking for this and that amendment, they are just asking for election, they are asking for development, they are asking for jobs, they are asking for mitigating their own day to day demands and other problems," the Opposition leader Nepal claimed. (ANI)