POTUS dances with head of a reactionary regime: Khamenei

| Updated: Jun 05, 2017 21:50 IST

Tehran [Iran], June5 (ANI): Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran has vehemently criticized U.S. President Donald Trump and Saudi Arabian rulers during his speech on the occasion of the 28th anniversary of Father of the Islamic Revolution the late Imam Khomeini on Sunday. "See how obscene our enemy is! With a decadent, backwards tribal system, the US president stands by the head of the clan and performs a sword-dance. He, however, also criticizes the vote of 40 million Iranians during their free election, "Ayatollah Khamenei said addressing a huge gathering at the late Imam mausoleum in southern Tehran. Later, in a series of tweets, Khamenei attacked both the U.S. and Saudi rulers and tweeted highlights of his speech which he delivered at the late Imam mausoleum in southern Tehran on Sunday. "POTUS sword -dances next to head of a tribal, backward and purely decadent regime, then sams Iran's free 40-million election," Khamenei tweeted. Criticising U.S. policy in Syria, Yeman and Bahrain Khamenei said in his tweet, "We believe the enemy's stage wars in #Syria, #Bahrain, #Yemen-the Muslim world. Solutions are negotiation & terminating weapons transport." Referring to the Saudi people on his Twitter handle, Khamenei said, "If you talk to the youth in #SaudiArabia, you'll see they hate depending on the U.S." He further said, "Wisely challenging U.S. has a lower price than appeasing it. Saudi govt. spent half of its wealth on U.S. interests to appease POTUS." Praising the efforts of Imam Khomeini, Iran's supreme leader Khamenei tweeted, "The Islamic revolution brought by Imam Khomeini was not solely a political transition. The revolution sought change in the social structure: its aim was building a society with a unique identity, one that embraced independence, core values, and innovation. #ImamKhomeini's political change meant defeating a dictator & client regime, then turning it into a people-oriented govt". Slamming attacks on Yemen, Khamenei said, "Saudi government has been bombing Yemen for nearly two and a half years". "For 2.5 years, Saudi government has been bombing #Yemen, they will never win over Yemeni people if they bomb them for 20 years! Sadly our brothers and sisters in #Yemen, #Bahrain, #Syria & #Libya are facing major problems while fasting in #Ramadan", Khamenei tweeted. (ANI)