S. Korean lawmakers propose President impeachment bill, vote on Dec. 9

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Seoul [S. Korea], Dec. 3 (ANI): The South Korean lawmakers will vote upon the bill to impeach scandal-hit President Park Geun-hye on December 9, thereby marking the second such impeachment proposal since the country's constitutional government was launched about seven decades ago. This comes after the opposition bloc heralded a vote on the motion on December 9. The last was in 2004 for late President Roh Moo-hyun. A parliamentary official said that the bill was handed over to the relevant office at about 4:10 a.m. local time on Saturday, reports Xinhua. The impeachment motion was filed with the National Assembly by 171 opposition and independent legislators. The ruling Saenuri Party, which has 128 lawmakers, refrained from taking part in the proposal. Three main opposition parties including the Minjoo Party, People's Party and the Justice Party have agreed to vote on the impeachment on December 9 when the regular session ends. The impeachment motion states that President Park, who took charge in February 2013, comprehensively and gravely violated laws and the constitution in her office for nearly four years. The constitutional violations, according to the impeachment bill, include the President's permission of her long-time confidante Choi Soon-sil and other associates of the latter to meddle in state affairs and influence the appointment of government officials behind the scenes. Prosecutors branded President Park as a criminal accomplice to Choi in multiple charges including abuse of power and extortion. The prosecution office was investigating whether Choi used her relationship with the President to grant business favors in return for donations. Last month, three people including Choi were indicted for their role in a political corruption scandal. However, Park was not charged as according to the South Korean Constitution, the President cannot be charged with a crime while holding office except for insurrection or treason. (ANI)