Sharif regime reluctant to take strong and clear position on Kashmir, says Imran

| Updated: Jul 14, 2016 22:53 IST

Lahore, July 14 (ANI): Using reports of the recent violence on the Indian side of Kashmir, which claimed over 30 lives, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf party chairman and former cricketer Imran Khan on Thursday said that the Nawaz Sharif regime appears reluctant to take strong and clear position on developments in that region. In a statement issued by his office, Imran is quoted, as saying, "No strong political condemnation has come from the Prime Minister, which is shameful and exposes the reluctance of the Sharif government to take any strong and clear position on Kashmir." He also questioned the silence of the Parliamentary Special Committee on Kashmir headed by JUI-F's Maulana Fazlur Rahman. Reminding one and all that Pakistan is a party to the Kashmir issue, which is before the United Nations, Imran said that generation after generation of Kashmiris have been demanding the right to self-determination, and what was happening across the border is "a gross violation of human rights including the right of people to protest peacefully." Khan called upon the Pakistan government to undertake a diplomatic offensive to end the violence in Kashmir. (ANI)