Storm brews over ex-army chief getting 90 acres of land

| Updated: Jan 25, 2017 20:08 IST

Lahore [Pakistan], Jan. 25 (ANI): The allotment of 90 acres of prime land to former Pakistan army chief General (retired) Raheel Sharif has created controversy, though security the establishment has clarified there is nothing unusual about it. The land has been allotted on Lahore's Bedian Road area. The price of land in the area where General (retired) Sharif has been given his allotment has started to rise as, affluent people are looking to buy farm-house there. The Dawn quoted a security establishment official, as saying that there is nothing unusual about the allotment and that General (retired) Sharif is getting the land in accordance with the existing rules and purely on merit. "It is agricultural land and will be used for this purpose alone. It will not be used for commercial purpose as is the impression being created by some," the official added. The official added that a similar volume of agricultural land has been given to every army chief on Pakistan. (ANI)