Suspect in Kim Jong Nam's death says she thought it was a prank

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Jakarta [Indonesia], Feb. 18 (ANI): A woman arrested in connection with the murder of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's half brother Kim Jong Nam has said that she thought she was participating in a television prank show when she squirted liquid in the face of the victim, Indonesian police said. Suspect Siti Aishah, an Indonesian national, is one of the four people arrested in the death of Kim Jong Nam. The Police believe the victim was sprayed with poison as he waited to board a flight Monday at Kuala Lumpur International Airport in Malaysia. According to CNN, Aishah said she was "not aware it was an assassination attempt by alleged foreign agents," Indonesian police chief Tito Karnavian told reporters in Aceh Province. Four people have been arrested in the killing: the Indonesian woman, a Malaysian man and another woman carrying Vietnamese identification. A North Korean man named Ri Jong Chol was arrested Friday in Selangor, Malaysia, according to police. Aishah said she had sprayed others in a similar manner "three to four times [before]." However, Karnavian told journalists, in this case, "there was allegedly a dangerous substance in the sprayer." The woman said "she was given a few dollars for the job." The Police did not confirm who provided the sprayer to the suspects. (ANI)