Terror plot to attack Grand Mosque in Mecca foiled

| Updated: Aug 23, 2017 11:20 IST

Mecca [Saudi Arabia], June 24 (ANI): A terror plot to attack the Grand Mosque in Saudi Arabia's Mecca has been foiled by the security forces on Friday. Al Arabiya TV quoted a spokesperson of the Saudi Interior Ministry, Mansour al-Turki as saying that three terrorists, two based in Mecca and one in Jeddahhad, had planned the operation. Worshipers at the mosque were the target of the terrorists. According to reports, the first attack was foiled in Mecca in Assila District, while the second was thwarted in Ajyad al-Masafi neighborhood. A suicide bomber, who was hiding in a house in the Ajyad neighborhood, opened fire on security forces before blowing himself after a crackdown on him. Six people and five members of the security forces were injured after the suicide bomber blew himself . Five accused, including a woman, were arrested by the security forces. (ANI)