Three youngsters feared drowned in Neelum Valley stream post taking risky selfies

| Updated: Jul 08, 2017 18:20 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], July 8 (ANI): Three members of a family from Rawalpindi that was on a holiday in the Neelum Valley of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is believed to have drowned in waters of a gushing stream. Police and eyewitnesses were quoted by the Dawn, as saying that the five member family, comprising Khalid Hussain, his wife Nagina, and three children - Talha, 20, Samia, 17, Sadia, 12, were taking selfies inside the stream, when Sadia, fell into the rushing water and was swept away. In a desperate attempt to rescue their sibling, Samia and Talha jumped in after her, but they too could not withstand the force of the rapidly moving water. Their hapless parents also leapt into the water to save their children, but the current carried them off as well. Local residents, however, managed to save them. Elder daughter Samia was also retrieved from the water, but could not survive. The two other children are also believed to have drowned. (ANI)