US vows to assist Sri Lanka in addressing development challenges

| Updated: Jul 13, 2016 19:43 IST

Colombo, July 13 (ANI): Commending Sri Lanka for taking measures in compliance with the UN resolution to address the human rights issues, the United States has vowed that it will continue to support the government in all the challenges towards development. The United States Assistant Secretary for South Asian Affairs Nisha Biswal said that Lanka has been on a remarkable trajectory of addressing not only the internal issues, but also engaging in with the broader international community in a spirit of partnership and dialogue. "As the Government of Sri Lanka moves ahead with its plans for constitutional reform, for justice and reconciliation, the United States will continue to partner with the government to foster economic development and encourage foreign investment, to work to advance opportunities for all Sri Lankans," she said. Briefing media in Colombo after a meeting with the Foreign Affairs Minister Mangala Samaraweera yesterday, she said that Washington welcomes the deepening of ties between both two countries "We are partners, and today our relations are at an all-time high," she added. Recalling that Washington has been partner with Colombo over the past 60 years, she assured that her country will continue to make substantial investments in multiple sectors including agriculture, education, health care, energy and natural resources. She also said that the U.S. will continue to support Sri Lankan government in its "meaningful and concrete" steps in response to concerns of its people related to democratic governance and advancing respect for human rights, for reconciliation, for justice and accountability. "We can envision a future which brings benefits to both countries, and to peace and prosperity and security across the Indian Ocean as Sri Lanka assumes a greater role as a key partner in this region," she said. (ANI)