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AEHRF 'deeply perturbed' by upward swing in racial discrimination, Xenophonia

ANI | Updated: Jul 21, 2020 21:38 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], July 21 (ANI): Asian Eurasian Human Rights Forum (AEHRF), a Delhi-based NGO with ECOSOC status, has expressed dismay on the rising cases of racial discrimination and Xenophobia in some parts of the world.
"AEHRF is deeply perturbed by an upward swing in racial discrimination and Xenophobia in some parts of the world. However, the redeeming factor is that neither the international community nor the peace-loving people anywhere want to remain a silent spectator of racial atrocities perpetrated even in the strongest democracy of the world," a statement quoted Dr K. N Pandita, president AEHRF as saying.
Last week, the AEHRF intervened through a written statement, in Interactive Dialogue with the Special Rapporteur on Contemporary forms of racism, racial discrimination, Xenophobia and related intolerance, Tendayi Achiume.
The AEHRF was founded in 1998, to espouse the principles of universal human rights at the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Commission. In 2014, the NGO Committee at the UN in New York granted ECOSOC status.
In her report to the 41st session, the Special Rapporteur had provided an update on trends in and manifestations of glorification of Nazism, neo-Nazism and related ideologies; and a human rights analysis of efforts by contemporary Nazi, neo-Nazi and other extremist groups to recruit and radicalize young people.
"AEHRF condemns any attempt by parties with vested interest of initiating a state or public level campaign of sullying another state's reputation by calling their governments as neo-Nazi just because the two are politically at loggerheads," the statement read.
The AEHRF said that the infusing hatred among the youth by injecting doses of neo-Nazism rhetoric into their narratives is a virtual crime against responsible nations.
Secretary of the NGO, Dr Yashodhan Agalgaonkar said that in a world torn by conflicting ideologies and rivalling strategies, AEHRF finds that the great teachings of the Buddha of peace and non - violence could be the lighthouse to guide human societies to chart the new map of peaceful, safe and secure future for the coming generations.
"The light brought by the Buddha became the lodestar for great humanists like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela and Gandhi," he said.
The AEHRF strongly recommended that the member states be disallowed to viciously label democracies negatively as Nazi or Fascist. (ANI)