Anti-CPEC protest by Baloch community in London

ANI | Updated: Oct 30, 2017 18:09 IST

London [UK], Oct. 30 (ANI): A large number of Baloch community members in the UK gathered outside the Cumberland Hotel in Marble Arch London on Sunday to protest against the China Pak Hill real estate developer's official launch.

Baloch protesters carried placards and flags of Balochistan during their three-hour long protest, they chanted slogans against the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) and human rights violations in Balochistan.

Members of Afghan community and other well wishers of Baloch people also joined the protest to express their support for the Baloch struggle.

The protesters said Pakistan was involved in war crimes and crimes against humanity in Balochistan and China's support to Pakistan is encouraging it to continue its brutalities with impunity.

They said Pakistani forces are involved in enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings, rape and other atrocities in Gwadar district and rest of Balochistan.

According to China Paki Hills webpage, "The China Pak Hills is a purpose-built $500 Million development, scheduled to be developed over three phases. China Pak Hills would be the next benchmark property in Gwadar catering to the needs of the city of tomorrow."

The Baloch people in Balochistan and the Baloch diaspora strongly oppose these claims and say that Pakistan has destroyed Baloch villages near Gwadar and other surrounding regions to pave the way for CPEC.

"The local people are being forcibly expelled from their ancestral lands because the Pakistan army and Pakistan real estate's mafia such as China Pak Hills want to sell the Baloch land to foreigners," said the Baloch Community UK protesters.

The Baloch protesters have appealed to international investors not to buy lands in Gwadar because the Baloch people will not allow 'the auction' of their ancestral properties.

They said the China-Pakistan real estate mafia is misleading international investors into believing that Gwadar is safe for development but that is not the reality.

The Baloch Community members vowed to continue their protests against China Pak Hills and other real estates mafia groups that are selling Baloch land abroad and in Balochistan.

The protester also urged Chinese government and people of China to stop becoming Pakistan's partner in crime in Balochistan. (ANI)