Qambar Baloch
Qambar Baloch

Armed struggle in Balochistan inspired by Pakistan's decades-old colonial rule, says activist

ANI | Updated: Jan 15, 2021 15:17 IST

London [UK], January 15 (ANI): A Baloch political activist and writer said that the contemporary armed and political struggle in Balochistan is strongly inspired by the consequences of 70 years of Pakistan's indirect and direct colonial rule.
Qambar Malik Baloch, Information Secretary of UK-based Baloch Human Rights Council said the armed and political resistance in Balochistan is different from the earlier ones in many ways.
"Firstly, the Pakistani brutalities surpassed all their previous actions in Balochistan. Many of their actions are leading to genocide according to the UN definition of genocide. Secondly, because of state brutalities, every family and every region in Balochistan has been affected. Thirdly, because of the increased fear among the Baloch that their language and cultural traditions are in danger because of state-sponsored Islamisation programmes and the imposition of Urdu as their national language. Fourthly, resistance is gaining ground because of the active participation of the newly educated class among the Baloch", said Qambar.
Balochistan is Pakistan's largest province in terms of land area, which has been struggling with decades-long political and armed struggle launched by the indigenous people.
The Baloch call Pakistan an occupier and blame it for looting their natural resources and carrying out atrocities against the local people.

Qambar Baloch, who is now living in exile in the UK said, "Balochistan regularly tops the list of the places with the worst human rights cases in the region. This is mainly due to the reign of terror the state has unleashed in Balochistan".
He added, "Without a doubt, thousands of families who are not directly participating in the conflict are suffering the consequences. This is because the Pakistan army, the paramilitary forces and its death squads are using the tactic of punishing the entire community. It's quite disturbing that the international community and the United Nations are turning a blind eye to the Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan because of political and strategic compulsions".
Balochistan is facing the worst human rights crisis with rising cases of enforced disappearances, torture and killings.
Qambar said, "During the course of seven decades its people have been and continue to be oppressed, ignored and dehumanized in the worst possible ways. Pakistani authorities are doing all they can to destroy the culture, language, identity and social fabric of Baloch society to quell the Baloch national struggle."
He added, "The increasing state violence and sponsorship of militant Islam in Balochistan are all ramifications of that agenda. Balochistan is in turmoil because the Baloch people are determined not to accept the curse of colonialism in a 21st-century world. And Pakistan is determined to crush the Baloch national aspirations with the use of the cruel military." (ANI)